Japanese Cactus nursery

I purchased plant and seed from following nurseries occasionally. I know many Japanese nurseries other than listed below, but they don't have website or haven't acquaintanceship with me.

Many rare plants and accept overseas order with English language.

Nara Succulent Research Society
Nice seedlings exist on on-line catalog. No foreign order accept.

Cactus shop Kotokudo
This nursery accept foreign order nowadays.

Gran Cactus
On-line plants catalog for Japan domestic only.

Yamashiro Aisenen
An online catalog is available for Japanese customer.

Nishizawa Saboten-en
On line catalog is avarable but not for foreign customer.

Cactus Nishi
He can ship Non-CITES plants for foreign customer.

Horikawa Cactus Garden
accept no foreign order.

Takagi cactus
accept no foreign order.

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