Other cacti in the Southern hemisphere

Setiechinopsis mirabilis

Maifuenia poeppigii

 Eriosyce ceratistes

Cintia napina

 Cintia knizei

 Cintia subteranea

Plant chimera

Many years ago, this mutant appeared as a result of a grafting. It was made from Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. fleischerianum and Echinopsis tubiflora. There are other chimera; Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. fleischerianum and Hylocereus guatamalensis, Ariocarpus retusus and Echinopsis eyriesii. Circumstances which cause the chimera to appear include huge numbers of graftings. I have heard that cutting on stock's growth apex in rare instances made a few. However, nobody has succeeded to make chimera on purpose. The pictured plant was cut off from mature chimera. Both are growing well on their own roots.


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